Ibstock Methodist Church

Melbourne Road,
LE67 6JS

Worship Time: 10.30am;
                          except 3rd Sunday in the month at 6.00pm

Church Website:

Minister:      Rev Jacky Goaten
01530 412298

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lbstock Methodist Church is 1 of 4 churches in the village with which we share fellowship at various times in the year, but mainly Lent and during the week of prayer for Christian Unity.

Our Chapel stands at the lower end of the main A447 Melboume Road. Parking is on the road but not generally a problem. We are however on the outskirts of the main hub of the village.

The village has grown markedly in the last 10 years and has new estates planned or in progress on virtually all sides. It has 3 community run projects; The Post Office; the 'Palace'which is an old cinema with a full entertainments agenda, and The '57, High St Community Shop'.

Most services are held in the small community room which is cheaper to heat and cosier. Our monthly evening service is more thoughtful and much appreciated, with fellowship afterwards. There are 5 enthusiastic members of the Sunday School who enhance our worship with the annual nativity play and the Sunday School Anniversary.

We also have a parent and toddler group - SPROGS - which has been running for 8 years. There are up to 1l parents and 13 'sprogs'- and it takes place on a Wednesday afternoon 1.15 - 2.45 during term time.  For the latest information, see the Sprogs pages on mumsnet & netmums.

In 2010 Jane Bowley as Circuit Children's Worker, became an active part of our church when we became one of her financial sponsors along with Whitwick and Marlborough Square. As part of this Jane has been involved in local schools with assemblies and with encouragement to go to the Christmas and Easter Joumey for which we paid some of the transport.

Our other main activity apart from worship is the monthly cake stall at the Palace. This started purely as a fund raiser but has evolved into a time of fellowship. There is opportunity to post a prayer request, and we always give some cakes away to anybody deemed to be in need of a 'cake hug' - not necessarily part of our congregation.

The Community room is well used by outside groups, including Ibstock Community Choir who had a concert on November 29th at our chapel. 

We have recently redesigned and refurbished and redesign the entrance area and toilet facilities. People are kept in touch with a bi-monthly newsletter with circulation of 50. 
The latest copy of the newsletter can be obtained by email from Ro Harding (rosslynharding@hotmail.com)